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June 25 2015


Benefits of Aquarium Light

Aquarium light
Aquarium light is a crucial feature of an aquarium. It offers benefits for both the fishes and plants within the aquarium. A common type of lighting used for aquariums is fluorescent tubes. It's considered as an appropriate form of lighting for a fish tank. Using this form of aquarium lighting has several advantages.

led aquarium lighting

Many fishes are determined by their coloration during signalling and courtship. As aquarium light really helps to enhance the colours with the fish, it aids the fish in these activities. Fish aquarium lighting also enables the fish to see their surroundings better. Particularly, it helps them to see their food as along with other fishes. Plants rely on light to survive. They require light to photosynthesize and manufacture their own food. Furthermore, while photosynthesis, they give out oxygen that is beneficial for the fishes. One of the benefits of all is that lighting improves the beauty and hue of the fish tank.

One of the most widely used forms of aquarium lighting is fluorescent tubes. However, you ought to only use aquatic fluorescent tubes which can be specially designed for aquariums. One benefit of fluorescent lighting is that it does not produce too much heat and hence, have no bad effects about the water temperature of the aquarium. The reduced heat also enables the tubes to be placed inside a hood. Another advantage is that these tubes emit light in the red and blue portion of the spectrum which matches that of natural sunlight. Thus, it functions as a good alternative to sunlight for the fishes. Besides, fluorescent tubes possess a long life, an estimate of thousands of hours. Hence, you don't to change the tubes often. This saves you some costs. In fact, fluorescent tubes are not costly to buy and are easy to maintain. Furthermore, they're sufficiently bright to use.

Fluorescent lighting is obtainable in different spectrums. For example, you can find white, blue and pink light tubes. White light tubes are designed to replicate the noon sunlight while blue light tubes should replicate the moonlight. Pink tubes are fantastic in enhancing the colours from the fish and improving plant growth. You can have a choice of selecting the colour that suits your needs.

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